Silverfish & Silverfish Control
Silverfish can be Real Pests ...

Silverfish are a starch feeder they damage (eat) paper, fabrics, glues and other organic materials. They may also damage silk and some synthetic fabrics, but they usually avoid woolens.

Silverfish live in Your Home ...

Silverfish habit underused areas, such as roof spaces, storage rooms, basements, wall cavities, and bookcases but may roam widely throughout a building. Silverfish prefer to live in dark quiet places and are most active during the still of night.
People often find silverfish in their home in sinks, toilets and bathtubs because they have fallen in and become trapped while seeking moisture.
Silverfish infestations can start when their eggs, nymphs (young ones), or adults are brought into the home in infested cardboard boxes, cartons, furniture or similar items.

Silverfish Control ...

We recommended a thorough inspection first be carried out by the pest control professional to determine likely and observed habitat locations, the extent of the infestation and control methods necessary.
Treatment of roof voids and wall cavities with a synthetic pyrethroid dust applied via specialized "dust blower" equipment may be recommended. Other areas, such as basements, storage rooms and the like can be treated with a synthetic pyrethroid spray.
The cost of a professional pest control service for silverfish varies depending on the size of the house, areas to be treated and ease of access to various parts of the building and a program of ongoing inspection and follow-up treatment may be recommended.

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